Hi, I am Cindy, mum of two beautiful young girls, wife, a professional career woman and entrepreneur.

I am also an Online Fitness Coach and a Certified Personal Trainer /Master Trainer.

At the age of 17, I fell in love with fitness and resistance training. I was never out of shape nor had any problems with my weight. After gave birth to my two baby girls, it only took me about 2 months to go back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 47 Kgs.  In other people’s eye, I was lucky to have the ‘Slim’ gene.

However, I was always low in energy, I was always tired, I can’t stick to 3 or 4 times workout a week, because being a full time working mum, I was always too busy. Workout and fitness were on the bottom of my priority list (Does this sound familiar?). Most importantly, I didn’t feel good about myself, no matter how much I weighed.

I wanted to be fit and have beautiful toned muscle definition. I wanted to get my confidence back and get my energy back!

In order to squeeze in workout in my tight daily schedule, I decided to cancel my gym membership and train at home. I tried to work out at night after the girls went to bed. I could do 3 days a week, but not more than that. As I have been always active, 3 days home workout just wasn’t enough for me to see any significant change in my body.

One day, I woke up early in the morning while the whole family was still asleep, I did my workout. The whole day I felt great and energized. Then I did it again the next morning. At that time I wondered ‘what if I work out every morning for 6 days a week’? So I did that, one week turned into two, then one months, six months, two years and more.  Since that morning, I have been consistently working out 6 days a week without fail. People started to notice the change from this ‘slim girl’ to a ‘fit and toned girl’, people started to compliment on my physique and asked me what I have been doing. Mostly Importantly, I have more energy and I look and feel great than ever.

So this is what I have learnt:

  • Find what motivates you that keeps you moving

  • Understand how much you value fitness and why it is important to you

  • Explore the way that works for YOU, a way that can fit in your current lifestyle and can be SUSTAINABLE

  • Choose a training program that you can stick to

  • Learn about Food Choice, ditch  ‘Diet’, unless you can follow it for the rest of your life

  • Most Importantly, Be Consistent and Be Patient

Whether you are a professional career woman, an entrepreneur, or a busy mum, knowing that it is YOUR CHOICE to take care of yourself and make fitness part of your lifestyle, you have nothing but gains from it. It is time to make a shift in your mindset and make the life-changing choice for YOU.

Let me be your coach!  Let me share with you with my framework, my tools, let me guide you on a journey of success!


A coach can guide you and provide you with the direction, the framework and the tools you need to start your fitness journey , my ultimate VISION is for you to be able to confidently apply the tools I give you WITHOUT ME and make it your own to live a healthy, happy and fit life style, for the rest of your life!

The future you will thank you for the choice you made today, and that, is a PROMISE!

- Cindy, Founder of Cindy Excell Fitness Coaching

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