Fall in love with the process

There’s a result you desire.

Maybe it’s weight loss, maybe it’s to achieve a specific health goal or run your first 5k, or maybe it’s to get off your blood pressure medication. Whatever the goal is, what I’m going to talk about applies.

If you or someone you know has ever gone to extreme measures to lose weight – diet pills, surgery, starvation diets, etc – the chances are VERY small that they were successful. And if they were, chances are that they couldn’t sustain the result. I’m going to tell you why…


To be successful with anything long term, whether it’s nutrition, weight loss, getting toned, performance, or even business – literally anything – you have to learn to fall in love with the process.

It’s not some grand action that gets you to lose 20 kilos. It’s the accumulation of the choices you make each and every day – the PROCESS – that gets you to the RESULT, not the other way around.

So if you ever find yourself frustrated with progress toward a desired outcome, be sure to stop and ask yourself – “are the behaviors I’m practicing every single day going to lead to the result I desire?”

The answer should be pretty clear.

And if the answer is “no”, what are you willing to change to make the answer “yes”?

I fully acknowledge that habit change is HARD! I also understand you live a very busy or even chaotic lifestyle, you may run your owns business or be a full time working mum, I don’t suggest going for a full lifestyle overhaul all at once, but rather be conscious of the choices you’re making each day knowing that each choice brings you closer to your goal or further from it.

Neutral choices don’t exist. Change 1% of your daily behaviour, it will add to big results that you desire over time. Once the 1% becomes a habit, you add another 1% then another...

What choice do you continuously find yourself making in your daily life that you’d like to commit to changing to bring you closer to your goal? If you can relate to any of this, comment below and share your insights!


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