The most important factor in weight loss

What would you say is the most important factor in long-term weight loss?⁣

Nutrition? Exercise? Sleep?⁣

I’d argue NONE of the above.⁣

I believe, without a doubt, that the factor that influences weight loss above all else is your 𝗠𝗜𝗡𝗗𝗦𝗘𝗧.⁣

Like Henry Ford said: “Whether you think that you can, or you can’t, you’re right.” I have personally experienced this undeniable truth in every aspect of life from gaining strength, fat loss, running a business, achieving higher education, even relationships. It’s absolutely the truth.⁣

So if you want to lose body fat, increase health, and live in the body you deserve and you always wanted, I want you to consider a few things…⁣

Most diets work. There, I said it. They work FOR A WHILE. They work while you have enough “willpower” to adhere. But you know something about willpower? It’s finite. We can’t rely on it forever.⁣

If you want a lean, healthier body for the long term, whatever you’re doing today needs to be something you can imagine yourself doing sustainably for a long time. If you’ve ever had the following thoughts, you’re not alone:⁣

“I’ll be happy when I weigh _______.”⁣

“I’ll be happy when I can fit into a size ________.”⁣

“When I finally achieve __________, I will go back to eating ‘normally’.”⁣

These statements are what I refer to as the DIETER’S MINDSET. It’s short-term fix and unsustainable. And therefore, whatever the result you may get from there won’t last long.⁣

Too often in weight loss, we have a restrictive mindset. We say “I can’t have that!” And that thought will start to dominate. Then, the thing you “can’t have” will be the one thing you really want! I have been there and it never worked.⁣

But what if we changed our mindset to one of abundance? What if you thought “I get to eat all of these beautiful, colorful foods that will nourish my body.” Or, “I CHOOSE not to eat cookies.” How EMPOWERING is that!?⁣

If you are an entrepreneur and/or a career woman, you are very familiar with ABUNDANCE and EMPOWERMENT, you have that mindset when building your businesses and talking to your clients. BUT HAVE YOU APPLIED THAT TO YOUR HEALTH AND FITNESS, which is one of the things about you that easily get sacrificed in your busy schedule. ⁣

So what’s your choice? A short term mindset of restriction or a long term mindset of abundance?⁣

Believe in your ability to be successful in your own health. Commit to a plan. Throw out the dieter’s mindset. Operate from a place of abundance. Put your health and fitness back on your priority list.⁣

There’s your formula for success and that will also no doubt drive your productivity in your business. ⁣

If you are an entrepreneur, a business women, a career driven mum, who can relate to this, comment below and share with me of a time in your life that you can look back to and recognize a dieter’s mindset. How could you do things differently going forward to ensure success?⁣

PS: If you need support with the other components for success like nutrition and exercise, I’m your girl!Contact me via ‘STAY IN TOUCH’ below and explore how I can support you!⁣

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