Watch me to get back on track

When everything becomes too overwhelming in life, how do your respond mentally and physically?

When time is so limited and you CHOOSE to change your priority temporarily, ⁣how do you make sure you can get back on track without fail?

For anyone who knew me, I have been doing my fitness training 6 days per week without any interruption for the last 3 years. It has become a habit and part of my daily routine I can not live without. It had given the body image I have always wanted, had made my mind stronger, mostly importantly, it made me realize that there is nothing I can not achieve in life. That’s the break through I had during my own mind and body transformation process.⁣

⁣As a full time professional with big responsibility to all stakeholders, and a mum of 5 and 8 years old girls, life has been always been busy and chaotic. When the pandemic of COVID-19 hit, gyms closed, routines got disrupted, during that period, the journey of my own online fitness coaching business also started.⁣

Starting up a new business from the scratch involves myself doing every single task that’s required for the start. I built the brand new website myself, every single word, every single picture and every detail. I started to train family and friends, train them online, train them in person with social distance. I create content on social media to advocate the messages I believe in. On top of this, there was home schooling, working from home and adapting to all changes in life. ⁣

I have not been able to go to sleep before 2am for a very long time, every single minute of my spare time were spending on building a fitness coaching business I am passionate about. I always believe that an individual’s potential is unlimited, when you really believe in something and passionate about it, you will MAKE IT HAPPEN. I haven’t been able to get up every morning at 4am (which was my normal get-up time for the last 3 years) to do my workout, I can only manage maximum twice per week, which to me, is far from enough to maintain my own health and fitness. I felt low energy amend my strength was sapped away. I no longer felt good about myself and my own training has fallen off the track. ⁣

As a coach, we must ‘walk the talk’, myself with no exception. From this week, I am back on my own training program (which is soon to launch) and I will post my before and after photos here after 12 weeks time. ⁣

I have been hesitating whether I should write this blog or not as I feared people may judge me because I MEANT TO be the Coach to other busy women.

However, the message I wanted to share here is that WE are ONLY human, it is OK to go backwards and fall off the track sometimes. But it is YOUR CHOICE to use the tools you have to bring yourself back on track, both phsically and mentally. ⁣

Fitness lifestyle is NOT about working out every single day, it’s NOT about eating healthy at each meal. Instead, it is about knowing when to make the right choice in health and fitness, and in life; It is about knowing when to pull yourself back on track without letting yourself slip away too far; It is about knowing to using the right tools to bring yourself back on track. That, is the lifestyle and Mindset that most powerful; that, is what is going to give you sustainable result for life.

So here is my announcement - ‘watch me to get back on track’ - 12 weeks from now, I will show you my progress.

Have you had situations where you fell off the track? What did you do to get back on track? Comment below and I would like to know!


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